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Welcome to the Dallas Arms Collectors Market Hall Gun Show!  We're pleased that you are planning to come to one of our shows!  We work very hard to present the finest Firearms Collectors Show in Texas and the Southwest, and look forward to having your join us at one of our events!

So that everyone has a SAFE and pleasant experience, please read and be prepared to follow these guidelines.  We take your safety seriously!  Then, we can all have a good time.

First Things First - NO LOADED FIREARMS!

A crowded show is no place for a loaded firearm.

All firearms must be unloaded outside of the building. Upon entering the building, a member of our Safety Committee will inspect your firearm and magazines.  The firearm will be tied inoperable and remain so while in the show.  All magazines must be out of the firearm and no loaded magazines are allowed.

Q:  I have a LTC, can I bring my Concealed carry firearm in the show?

A:  The Dallas Arms Collectors Association strongly supports Concealed Handgun Licensees, and we believe you have the right as a responsible citizen to have access to your LTC firearm outside of the building. Feel free to bring it, but unload it BEFORE entering the building.  You are NOT allowed to bring loaded magazines or loose ammunition in the building.

When you enter the building, your firearm will be tied inoperable by our Safety Committee personnel at the door.  They will take any loose ammo and put it in a plastic bag and the ammo must remain in the sealed plastic bag while in the show. 

Law enforcement officers and specifically  authorized individuals, with proper ID are the only exception to the above statements on loaded firearms.

Q:  Can I bring a firearm to sell or trade?

A:  Bring as many firearms as you can carry!  But No carts or wagons! 

All local, state, and federal laws must be observed. You are responsible for knowing federal firearms regulations if you are interested in selling a firearm as a "private party" or "person without a Federal Firearms License", there ARE LIMITS to what you can and cannot do in this regard.  If you have questions, please inquire at the front desk.  See Federal Rules and Regulations for more information.

Q:  That's an Interesting firearm, Can I take a picture of it?

A:  For Security and Privacy of our Guests and Vendors, NO PHOTOGRAPHY OF ANY KIND (camera, phone, video, etc.) is allowed unless pre-approved IN ADVANCE by show chairman.  Failure to follow this rule will lead to ejection from the show, without refund.

Q:  Can I touch / hold / handle the firearms or knives?

A:  Handling collectible and modern firearms is interesting and educational.  However, there are Safety and Courtesy considerations:

1) While in our Show, DO NOT attempt to load ammunition into any firearm, clip or magazine, for any reason.

2) ALWAYS ask before handling a firearm on a vendor's table.  Seemingly "ordinary" guns can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.  You are responsible for any damages caused by your handling mistakes!

3) DO NOT PULL THE TRIGGER ON ANY FIREARM, unless given permission by the owner.  In addition to being an "unsafe" behavior - pulling a trigger outside of a real firing environment - can damage some firearm mechanisms.

4) We welcome the "future sportsmen" in your family, however Small Children Must Be Supervised At All Times And Must Not Handle Any Items Without Permission.

Q: Can I bring Ammunition to Sell ?

Ammunition must be in a closed container of some kind. NO LOOSE AMMUNTION ALLOWED!

If you have Vintage or Collectable ammunition, it should be sealed in a box (wrapping saran-wrap or shrink-wrap around older boxes is better than taping a collectible box), or sealed in ziploc-type bags.

A Few Other Legal or Common Courtesy Rules:

Gunpowder and Alcohol do not mix!!  Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed in Market Hall during show hours.

We love our four-legged friends, but no animals are allowed in Market Hall other than service dogs!

Any visitor found with ammunition in a magazine or gun will be subject to immediate removal from the show without refund. The DACA show in Market Hall is posted at the doors and all guns must be unloaded and secured.

The DACA reserves the right to demand the removal of any item brought in by visitors or presented by vendors including but not limited to items deemed to be dangerous, illegal, inappropriate, objectionable, or in violation of the local, state or national law or DACA show rules.

Failure to abide by show rules, objectionable behavior or failure to cooperate with DACA or Market Hall officials will be grounds for your immediate expulsion from the show with no refund.



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