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Over 2000 tables
8 ft. Trade Table spaces
$70.00 per table space for tables 1 thru 3
$65.00 per table space thereafter for table 4  or more

Special Notes Regarding Table Rentals:
*   No Refunds
*   One Roll Over Per Year with a 21 day notice
*   Tables may NOT be leased, sold or subletted to other vendors, friends, etc.


Fridays - 8:30am - 8:00pm
Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. open to public)
Cart boys available

Free Parking

24 Hour Armed Guards On Duty

Exhibitors may enter hall at 7:30 am on Saturday. No cameras allowed in the hall.

Please review the Show Regulations below. Each and every exhibitor is responsible for following these rules as stated here and or exceptions as noted at check-in.

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

**Every table in the Main Hall must qualify under the 85% acceptable item "arms or arms related" rule.**

Banned Items

Items banned from sale in the show, include recording cameras (phone, still or video), black powder, illegal items, items displaying vulgarity, obscenity, or death of animals or persons, and books on how to make bombs, illegal procedures or illegal guns.


Sound & Noise demonstrations of items for sale are not allowed. Video demonstrations must have sound level set for local consumption only (not heard beyond 6 feet of source).

Laser or light demonstration must not shine on personnel, attendees or anyone else in show at any time. Vendors are responsibile for ensuring show patrons understand and adhere to this rule.

Arms & Arms Related Material (85% of space in Main Hall)

Arms or arms related items are defined as guns, gun parts, books about guns, military history, game cooking, gun cleaning supplies, tools designed for gun-smithing, ammunition in sealed containers, reloading supplies and equipment, edged weapons (other than switchblades), hunting supplies, military surplus, taxidermy products, and western heritage items.  Items permitted on the remaining 15% (approximately 3 square feet) of each table are fishing supplies, current production clothing, sun glasses, radios, boots, handmade arts and crafts, belts, buckles, tools, paintings, prints, toys and photos

Secure Display

All handguns on dealers' spaces must be secured by continous security cord or alarm cable or within a glass cases to help resist theft during the show.  The security cord must connect through the firearm and be secured to the table leg, substantial object, or connecting over 8 guns to provide significant deterrent to theft of hand guns.   No loose ends that allow for easy slipping of guns off the end of the cord are permitted.   Guns in open individual display boxes will also be secured by cord.   Guns in closable glass cases do not need to be secured by cord if glass top case is closed or access is reasonably difficult to reach from aisle side.

This security cord is in addition to the plastic tie required to prevent functioning of the gun action.

Muzzle loading firearms must be checked for no load by inserting ramrod into bore. Pre-1900 muzzle loading - non cartridge guns do not need to be tied.   Muzzle loading handguns need to be secured by security cord.

Guns for display only do not need to be tied if they remain in a locked case with no other guns for sale.   The case must remain locked during the show.


All decisions of the DACA Show Chairman, DACA Officers or Board to the acceptability of all items offered for sale or display will be final.  First offense results in a warning and banned or inappropriate items being removed from display.  The second offense of displaying banned or inappropriate items will result in the vendor being removed from the show and forfeiting rental fees.


The bottom of all hanging signs and banners must be a minimum of 6' 8" above the floor and the top of any sign may be no higher than 11' above the floor.

Law & Order

All local, state, and federal laws must be observed.


The original purchaser of show space is responsible to register the space.  The original purchaser will forfeit all sublet space found not in compliance with show standards.  The person who sublet the space will be removed from the show.  Reoccurring instances of violations will result in the original purchaser being banned from the show and losing the privilege of renting space for a twelve month period from the date the sublet space was found to be in noncompliance.


Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed in Market Hall during show hours.

Pets & Animals

Absolutely no animals are allowed in Market Hall other than service dogs.


No photography of any kind unless pre-approved by show chairman.

Ammunition Sales in Market Hall

To comply with restrictions of Dallas Market Center and our liability insurance company, all ammunition in the show must be sealed or secured in the following manner.

Ammunition, in modern boxes, must be kept closed at all times.

Vintage or collectable ammunition must be sealed in a zip-lock type bag and remain closed.

On The Tables

Ammunition must be in a closed container of some kind. NO LOOSE AMMUNTION ALLOWED!

Ammunition in plastic bags must remain closed.

Ammunition in ammo cans must be covered with plastic sheeting or clear solid plastic cover and that plastic must be secured to the sides of the can with tape, so that the rounds inside cannot be easily removed.

Vintage or collectable ammunition must be in sealed plastic bags or in a closed glass case. Loose ammo must be put into sealed, plastic bags at the point of sale.

In order for all to have a safe and enjoyable show, please read and observe the following rules. Infractions of these rules will be grounds for an exhibitor being removed from the show without refund.

The following are in addition to any other rules.

Set up on Friday will be from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm and Saturday from 7:30 am until 10:00 am. Tables not claimed by 10:00 am on Saturday will be forfeited and resold.

Renewals are 9:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Friday and 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Saturday.

Space re-sale or transfer is prohibited without approval of the show chairman.

Exhibitors will receive two badges for their first table and one for each additional table. Vendor badges are not to be given or sold to customers or any other non-vendors.   Zero tolerance.

Prior to setting up your spaces, please double check that you are setting up on the correct space.  All spaces were marked when set up.

Tables are not to be moved to claim more space or adjusted to establish additional walkways between tables without approval of the show chairman.  Passage aisles and table location are established in accordance with fire code and will be enforced.  Display cases and boards used to enlarge table top area may not extend into established aisles.  Sufficient space must be left behind tables to allow your neighbors to pass.  Chairs placed into aisle side for sales purposes shall not protrude over 12” into aisle.   Tables will need to be moved back accordingly.

Fireproofing solution is available at the show office for use on free hanging combustible table covers.

Think Safety.  Check each firearm as you unpack it and every time you handle it during the show.  If you sell a firearm to a customer, it must be secured with a cable tie, even if it is boxed or cased.

Never attempt to load ammunition into any firearm, clip or magazine for any reason.

Magazines are not allowed to remain in any gun for any reason.

Every gun must be rendered safe and un-fireable through the use of a plastic zip tie or other lockable mechanical device (connected and locked).  Plastic zip ties are available from any member of the DACA Safety Committee or at the front desk.

Exhibitors who examine a firearm from a walk-in customer are required to retie the firearm upon its return to the customer.

Small children must be supervised at all times and must not handle any items without permission.

No carts or dollies are allowed to pass through any glass doors during show hours.   No selling of items from portable carts in the aisles.

Any vendor found with ammunition in a magazine or gun will be subject to immediate removal from the show without refund. The DACA show in Market Hall is a gun free zone per plackard rules posted at the door and all guns must be unloaded and secured.

The DACA reserves the right to demand the removal of any item deemed to be dangerous, illegal, inappropriate, objectionable, or in violation of the local, state or national law or DACA show rules. Failure to abide by show rules, objectionable behavior or failure to cooperate with DACA or Market Hall officials will be grounds for your immediate expulsion from the show with no refund.

All exhibitors are required to read, be familiar with and comply with all published DACA Show Standards as listed.


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